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(FREE) Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing is extremely important for startups. Every entrepreneur needs digital marketing to scale their product.


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Digital marketing is an extremely important part of the way we advertise today. Digital marketing is extremely important for entrepreneurs and startup. Every entrepreneur needs to understand digital marketing. 

In this course, we drive deep into essential checklists to begin your digital marketing for your startup. Entrepreneur Fox along with Sharatchandra Nair will explore 4 important topics over period of 2 sessions.


6th June 2020 6pm - 8pm

1. Facebook Campaign

2. Google For Business

7th June 2020 6pm - 8pm

1. SEO Checklist

2. Keyword Research


1. Participation Certificate is included

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Sharatchandra Nair

Founder of DigiMirror

Help small and medium business owners achieve a Strong online Presence to increase there sales leads and revenue by providing Digital Marketing Service.