10 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

influencing skills
influencing skills

Most of the reports and survey highlights the importance of negotiating and influencing skills for achieving promotion and career progression. Influencing is much more than that. The influencing skill is ability with a key skill in so many aspects of modern working life – whether you are working in cross-functional teams, managing external supplier relationships or networking with potential new customers.

So, here are different ways to improve your influencing skills

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Read a good book

Classic includes 1936 How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and The Small BIG and the 360 Degree Leader: Develop Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization by Job C Maxwell.

Be an expert

The more trusted person you are, the more likely you are to influence people at work. So just keep in mind and make sure you keep up to date on issues affecting your industry and show that you are. Be willing to share through informal work seminars, emails, blogs, and so on.

Be observant

It is easy to miss the essential things about how someone else is feeling or reacting, and that includes you. Get in the habit of asking you what the other people in a conversation are thinking. Look for changes in skin color, fidgeting, eye movement, and breathing – any little signs. Noticing the details will help you to understand others and influence them at the right time and way.

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Keep an eye on the big picture

What exactly are you trying to achieve? If you get close to your goal or achieve it, what happens next? How might you do that? Where does the real sort of power lie in your workplace, and how will you influence it?

Trust your intuition

We all have a gut feeling about how we think other people will react or behave, but sometimes, we have been trained to ignore that. Don’t. Pay attention to your intuition, and whether it turns out to be right, and you are well on the way to improving your influencing skill in the workplace.

Be aware of yourself

One of the essential tools in becoming more influential at work is to be tuned in to who you are and what you are. What are your strengths and weakness, and how can you address them?

Be aware of your body language

Do you look confident and motivated? And if you are working and talking to a colleague, is your body language friendly? You want to inspire trust because that way, you will have influence.

And the power of language

Being able to say the right thing – at the right time is an extraordinary power when it comes to influencing others in the workplace. Hone your vocabulary by wide reading. Maybe even look at good speakers in action via Ted Talks and some other good resources. Ask yourself: why is this so powerful? How am I reacting? How are they doing this?

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Not coming across well? Change it

If your behaviour is not talking to you where you want to go, never forget you can change, and that goes for your thoughts and feelings as well. You would not have to influence people if you are behaving the wrong way, or even worse.

Think about relationships

What kind of healthy relationships have you got in the workplace? What is your place in the formal and, more essentially, the informal hierarchy? What are your weakest and strongest relationships? Who are they with? Who can you influence?

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