4 Incredible Ways to Align Your Team In A Single Mission

mission entrepreneur fox
mission entrepreneur fox

In today’s scenario, most of the employee’s truly wish their company to succeed; the fact remains that these best intentions need to be properly aligned to connect them to your organization’s mission. If some of these intentions are not directed properly, all that remains is sheer noise which does nothing but hinders the progress of your company. To connect your employees with the company’s vision and mission, clearly guided by its strong values and principles, follow the steps given below:

Invest Time in Developing Your Mission

The mission of the company states its purpose, and therefore it needs to stand the test of time. But that does not mean your mission statement needs to be boring. Moreover, a well-crafted mission statement helps to unite the employees of an organization towards achieving a common goal. As you simply sit down to frame and click the vision statement of your organization, first and foremost you should consider what is it that sets your company apart from your competitors? Why are you different? Moreover, is it the quality of your products, the world-class customer service, your communication style, or your involvement in community mission?

Communicate Your Values

You need to be aware of the essential fact that just as your vision supports your mission, cultural values to help you to achieve your vision. A good value statement clearly defines the behavioral expectations of its employees. It reveals that how it wants its employees to project themselves at work. So, now let’s take a look at a good value statement “It is ok to disagree, but it is not ok to be disagreeable”. This statement also communicates to its employees that you certainly need and welcome their opinion, but it also clearly states that you expect them to be respectful at the same point in time.

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Align Employees with Your Mission

If at any point of time organization fails to align itself with its mission, the outcome will be some employees working towards one thing while others working towards another thing. Let’s say, a manufacturing team may end up purchasing new and expensive machinery for a new product, while the vision and mission of the company are directed towards an existing product. This kind of misalignment may simply make a great effect on your company to lose out on a significant portion of its capital.

Hence, it is the duty of the leaders to make sure that their employee’s contribution supports their vision as well as mission. While on the other hand, the role of the finance team will be different than the sales team, yet each team needs to be aware of what their share of work is and how it impacts the bigger picture. This will help both these teams make with the appropriate decisions.

Narrow Your Vision

People often tend to confuse between the vision statements and mission. The mission statement presents the overall image, and hence it is lofty and broad in nature. The vision part, on the other hand, trims it down. A vision statement encompasses what you want to achieve, the goals, the strategic direction, and the tentative timeline. A vision statement is measurable.

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As a leader be intentional in crafting an inspirational and meaningful vision. Make it stick via inspirational and consistent communication. Consistently make vision part of your story and narrative ad celebrate success stories. Make your vision dynamic, nurture it, and review it regularly, refer to it and allow it to guide behaviours, decisions, and priorities, prevent the team from derailing.

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