8 Ways to Make Business Storytelling Incredible

business storytelling entrepreneur fox
business storytelling entrepreneur fox

What makes a business storytelling really interesting?

A good story can surely stand out only when you take care of its flow. Storytelling shouldn’t be mistaken to be a science, but should be understood that it is an art.

When you commence with the story, you should introduce the protagonist and the routine life that he leads. The character then gets caught in some kind of dilemma which disturbs his normal life. You should then proceed further ahead in elaborating challenges and how the character deals with the challenge. Towards the end, you need to state how the protagonist was able to cope and find ways to surpass the challenges.

For instance, imagine yourself to be the founder of a company which deals in crafting toys. As time passes by, you need to pitch your business to investors for gaining funds.

Now, you should begin with how you started the company and what really inspired you to come up with the idea of designing toys. Present a story around the humble beginnings of the organization and how you were able to develop and expand the business by leaps and bounds. But, when you present graphs just to show the progress of the business, the investors may not believe and trust you instantly. However, if you speak about the ups and downs of the business across the years and be honest while telling the story, then it can bring in emotions a bit later.

In case the investor is able to relate the problems to a similar experience they may have come across earlier, then it will help to connect with them.

In order to present the story, you can present everything through an awesome pitch deck or simply a presentation. Make sure, that the presentation is not boring but quite interesting enough to sustain the attention of the investors till the end.

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Ways to make business storytelling incredible

  • Figure out the exact time to intrigue and delight

There many instances when we need to just whet your audience’s appetite or simply share a lot of information with them. So, before you commence talking, you should ask yourself: “Is it really important to intrigue the audience or bring smiles on the faces of individuals?” If it’s just one of these two, then build a story around a goal. On the contrary, if you are taking both things into account, then think about the overall flow depending on what the audience is eager to listen.

  • Differentiate between proving and persuading

Always ponder on questions like: “Does your audience need numbers, and facts or just information revolving around them?” AND “Will they be motivated with the material with facts and figures considered to be unimportant and secondary?” Well, in that case, it’s your call and you must possess leadership skills to prove through facts or persuade the audience through emotionally laden information.

  • Understand the moments when you can win hearts

Resist the temptation to tell a story around your experience. Instead, shift the focus that would create a business impact and would speak about the audience’s needs. While you strive to connect with the audience, you would be more than happy to perceive what the audience can do with the story and of course how the individuals can benefit from it.

  • Observe through the lens of the customers

The key to incredible storytelling is to perceive through the mind’s eye of the customers and create content accordingly. Once you accomplish co-creating the content, you will be able to engage the audience in a better fashion and scale up the story with authentic content.

  • Make the ending a bit more interesting

At the end, you should ensure that you get away with the lacklustre ending, a skill of many entrepreneurs. Simply state how your product can help to save money and time. Focus on the ‘benefits’ rather than the ‘salient features’. In fact, you should be careful in how you need to present everything with the objective of providing a solution to the pain points. If you focus on a rational and economic benefit, then the ending may not carry any weight. It all boils down to how the product can serve to be valuable and whether it can really change the personal lives of individuals.

  • Follow an appropriate format for the story

A good storyteller always follows a suitable format for the entire story. Rather than using flowery language and making it verbose, he ensures that the content is easy to understand. Regardless of the format, he makes it a point to make the content digestible. He also creates an interest for making the story share-worthy and unforgettable.

  • Include day-to-day events in the story

If you really want to win the attention and the hearts of individuals, it’s necessary to include events in the story. You could simply read the newspaper or research on the internet to know more about the happenings and uncover them wherever it’s possible. To pep up the story, you could even include real-life examples, but the ones related to the topic and the industry. Ultimately, when the audience would appreciate the story when individuals understand that you’re not ignorant about what’s happening in the world around you.

  • Try to make the story colourful

Once you have decided on the format and the beginning, middle section and the end, make sure that you pique the interest of the audience. If you don’t want the interest to fade away, then try provoking an emotional reaction through your storytelling skills. Above all, you could present information regarding the lifestyles, problems and needs of a diverse set of individuals. For the conclusion, you could think about teasers and give reasons for the individuals to approach you when the need arises.

Finally, regardless of the story, you should let the audience share stories and co-create the ending all by themselves. This would mean to invite customers who could be part of fulfilling the company’s mission even when the company’s role in evolving in the ever-changing market. After all, it’s all about telling stories that instil a desire in individuals for speaking about their needs emotionally.


In order to master the art of business storytelling, it’s important to take care of the components of the story as well as its principal elements. Furthermore, you should think about ways to make tell a story that would never be forgotten.

  • Among the core components, you need to take care of the structural, elemental, authentic and strategic component
  • As for the principle elements, you should think about the three act formula, the hook, a clear theme and the change you wish to observe
  • When you are working towards making the experience interesting, you should know the precise time to delight and intrigue the audience
  • You should always grab the moments to conquer hearts of the individuals
  • Lastly, you should make the ending interesting and let the audience co-create the ending by sharing stories

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