7 Ways Positive Workplace Can Improve Your Business

positive workplace entrepreneur fox
positive workplace entrepreneur fox

A positive workplace and supportive environment not only helps the organization but also lays a solid foundation in building iconic products. if you look at any startup or any organization who made it big, it has been always about the core team and how the founder was able to take the team along with him/her.

Not everyday we see employee and founder relationship being discussed. But this relationship is one of the most important aspect in an organization career or foundation skills. We have seen people staying in the company for more than 15+ years only with one primary reason. Their Leader.

Yes, Giving hike and raising money is important and many employees have stayed for capital purposes. But to achieve the level of job satisfaction, it takes genuinely lot of efforts from both sides to achieve a mutual goal.

Lets take into consideration the leaders for tomorrow in this digital age where opportunities are everywhere. What it takes for a leader to back their people and develop a positive workplace?

Honesty and Transparency

Most important part of any relation is ‘Trust’. As a leader, always be honest together with your people and employees. Always tell the reality which can be in the form of company growth, personal growth or extra curricular activities. As leading from the front gets tough when in difficult situation, find a way to involve your team in the journey. Be more transparent and honest while approaching your employees.

Addressing Communication Gap

When you run a company, lot many times you could miss out on talking to your team members like you use to do when you were just growing. Too long communication gap may make employees feel unwanted and increase the level of insecurity while they are still active. To maintain positive workplace, Addressing employees personal issues, conveying positive things about employee growth needs to be managed every week or maybe once in a month.

We have seen in the past that many employees gets attention when they resign. And 85% of the people who leave organization had an issue of their leader not actively participating in their personal growth nor addressing any personal concerns.

Periodically Appreciation

Often we have seen that employees gets overlooked. Don’t appreciate your team only on project success or special occasions; Instead, make it a typical practice to express your gratitude regularly. The easiest way to do so is to just tell them. When an employee receives appreciation directly from their leader, they feel good, they respond better and chances of them retaining in the organization increases.

Making Positive Workplace Environment Can Reduce Work Stress And Improve Employee Efficiency

How often have we seen leader having lunch with his employees? Or how often have we seen our leader involving in a cricket match? Making friendly environment and treating employees exactly like part of family member can reduce the work load stress on employees. Their insecurities and job losing risk is taken care of. Their efficiency reaches great innovation.

Show Empathy

Empathy in a leadership is one of the key skills that a leader must possess. If an employee is going through personal problems and have a tough time handling them, and if you are aware of it, Give them your hand and this might create wonders for your relationship.

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1:1 Interactions

Make time to genuine interact with your employee on 1:1 basis for incredible positive workplace. The discussion could be anything related to personal growth, career progress, new opportunities and feedback about past work. If one is able to do that, imagine the level of satisfaction and importance the employee will feel. The morale will boost up and they will eventually try to make all those suggestions work for you. This will also increase the loyalty from employees.

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Offer constructive feedback

The conclusion of giving a feedback is all about constructive solutions. If you are noticing that your co-workers are doing something wrong, think about the solutions before you point out their mistakes. This way, you will become the person that always helps other colleagues grow. The more you help your team, the more successful your company will become.

Rewards and New Opportunities

As easy as it sounds, but rewards and giving new opportunities to your employees will make them feel safe at work. This will eventually make a positive workplace and people will be motivated to work thereby raising their game.

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