#1 Episode: Shripad Khandekar built BOLD, a networking professional organization serving Local and Online Business

EFox Question - Sir Khandekar, to kick things off, tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to becoming an entrepreneur and starting BOLD?

Mr. Khandekar - Thank you for asking, I was born in Bhopal and did my Diploma in J J School of Applied Arts. Over period of 35 years, I have met more than 5,000 people around India and Globally. Entrepreneurship was always in me, I used to identify problems and every time wonder how can we solve those problems. My previous two ventures Wintoss and WinWin Reality gave me lot of entrepreneurial experience which was really helpful in building and launching BOLD. BOLD stands for Business,Opportunities,Leads and Deals. Basically its a dream of every entrepreneur to continue build network and that also network which is valuable. We are organization organizing meet every Wednesday in Mumbai with over 50+ entrepreneurs attending every week.

EFox Question - What was the most challenging part of your 6 years journey till now and how did you overcome it? 

Mr. KhandekarYeah. Oh my god, it was so much work, but I loved it. Like I pretty much spent six years full-time learning how to grow a community .The difficult part in any business is to retain the team and in our case 'members'. This journey is continuous process. I always believe that the more people we meet the more opportunities we open. And yes, we must follow our business ethics and always provide value to our customers. There are 2 things you should always keep in mind.
Being Passionate all the time : YES this is the most difficult and toughest thing to do and unless you are not positive and passionate all the time, you are bound to fail.  
Execution, Making it happen : This is extremely Difficult part in any business because ideas and visions generally don't shape up to exactly they are visioned. Executing meet every week for continuous 6 years without losing enthusiasm, and also making sure our members get full opportunities,this is not possible without a passionate team. I am fortunate to have my team behind this mission and together we are making each execution count.

EFox Question - What inspires other people to come and join BOLD? What is the vision of BOLD? 

Mr. Khandekar -If you believe in networking, BOLD is genuine platform to grow your business connections. Our strength is Join Ventures.  There are times that people have really benefited and we were able to produce 28 Joint Ventures within our group. Now that's really big number. And the more joint ventures you have, the more trust you bring and more net worth you gain. I always say to my team and members, 
Your Network is Your Networth

EFox Question - How BOLD is bringing the change in a way Professional Networking Works? 

Mr. Khandekar - A very important part of professional networking is that it is about building relationships and trust, not just swapping business cards. For successful networking to take place a real relationship needs to be built. We understand these things and mentor lot of entrepreneurs that come at our event. We guide them about their elevator pitch and how it can be short,sweet but effective.It is called elevator pitch because you are supposed to be able to finish the story during a short ride in an elevator. BOLD encourages everybody who become part of it, that's the kind of culture we have developed over the period.

EFox Question - According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success? 

Mr. Khandekar -- To answer this question, according to me the top 3 qualities are

1. Attitude
2. Professionalism
3. Clear Mindset

EFox Question - What mistakes have you made in business and what would you have done differently?
Mr. Khandekar - I guess I should have started BOLD 20 years back. But honestly, looking back in these 6 years journey,we have invited over 2000+ entrepreneurs, we have done various business in different segment, we have met some really great Innovators and Pioneer people. I think we know where we are heading and looking to keep the same pace. I got no regrets.

EFox Question - What are plans of BOLD for next 3 years?
Mr. Khandekar  - We want to create more 5000+ entrepreneurs so that they create more job opportunities. We want to expand our reach globally and keep adding value to our existing members.

EFox Question - What advice would you give to somebody thinking of starting their own business?
Mr. Khandekar  - If you think- “It’s first & last chance to prove yourself , it’s either do or die situation in your life. Then only start your business. It’s promise, it Commitment to yourself. Nobody is responsible for your failure.

EFox -Well, thank you very much, Khandekar Sir. Thanks for your time. It’s been great.

Mr. Khandekar  - Sure, Thank you .