#4 Episode: Dr Bhavi Mody - A Doctor turned Entrepreneur is taking Holistic Healthcare and Wellness Globally With Her Foundation

EFox Question - Hi Dr Bhavi Mody, tell us a little bit about your background as homeopath? How do you look back at your journey of 2 decades?

Dr Bhavi Mody - I wanted to be an architect,but fate had something else in store and I landed up doing Homeopathy. The Mentors that I worked with instilled the passion for Homeopathy. My husband and Me went through a lot of struggle as we decided to practice only Homeopathy, back then people would do Homeopathy and then practice Allopathy, but we decided to practice Homeopathy. To establish as a doctor is not easy, you need to build that kind of trust for people to come to you. It about Health and so yes we had our tough times,but we soon established ourselves and With word of mouth we started doing well. We always wanted to achieve more and that desire made us venture into developing software- CRMs and ERPs. Again we believe that one needs to constantly upgrade,so we completed our post graduation. This lead to starting Vrudhi Research Foundation, where we worked in 4 domains - Academic, Behaviour, Career and Developmental issues of kids. Working into Mental health- we started with a Mental health company- Edupsyche. Made an exit from it. All the while our Homeopathic practice was on. Post this I decided to establish Vrudhi Holistic Health Care Services. We offer Holistic Health Care Services with Homeopathy, Lifestyle Modification guidance, Nutrition guidance and stress Management techniques. I like to call it a 360° Wellness approach. So dreaming to design buildings and homes, I design Health today.

EFox Question - What areas of medicine do you work in? What is your core USP?

Dr Bhavi Mody - I mainly work with Women and Children. Thyroid,PCOS, Immunity building,Allergies and Obesity are my forte.We do work with other ailments with good results. Skin care and Hair care do deserve a mention here. Our core USP is our integrated approach. Our Holistic approach to Health where we talk of Health Promotion. Patients coming to us are educated to work towards Health Promotion. Our Approach to diseases is again as I mentioned holistic. 

EFox Question - Tell me something about your foundation VRUDHI HOLISTICHEALTH CARE? What are the services it provides?

Dr Bhavi Mody - Our Foundation was Vrudhi Research Foundation, we worked with children in 4 domains- Academic, Behaviour,Career and Developmental issues. Providing umbrella care. Vrudhi Holistic Health Care Services aims to make Holistic Health Care Affordable and convenient. We are doing this by providing online services. At Vrudhi we offer Services for Women Care,Child Care, Hair Care,SkinCare and Obesity Management. Women Care entails issues from Puberty to Menopause.Pregnancy and Post Partum ailments are catered to. In children we focus mainly on immunity building, allergies, Tonsils and adenoids,exam phobias, bed wetting etc. We are working towards creating Healthier and Happier Families- We conduct events online and offline talks and activities. We also run a Facebook group called Your Health in Your Hands! the group has more than 9000 members.

EFox Question - What is your vision? 

Dr Bhavi Mody - Our Vision is to make the planet a Healthier and Happier Space.To empower and educate people to lead a healthy and happy life.Healthier and Happier individuals raise healthy and happy children. This will create more productive individuals and kids. To establish Holistic Medicine as the means to #StayHealthyStayHappy. Homeopathy is a green system of medicine that is Safe, Gentle, Holistic and with No Side-Effects.

EFox Question - What role does homeopathy play in the public health sector in India?

Dr Bhavi Mody - Homeopathy has great scope in Public Health sector. Homeopathy has been given as a prophylactic for Measels, Chicken pox,Flus and worked well in H1N1 too. Our Studies show that Cholera was sucsessfully treated with Homeopathy. A Cuban study even showed it's efficacy in cases of Leptospirosis. Yes so Homeopathy has great scope in public health sector. We have many charitable institutes offering Homeopathy and gradually it's making inroads at government hospitals too.

EFox Question - What are your thoughts about the future of homeopathy in India?

Dr Bhavi Mody - Indian government has been promoting Homeopathy widely and it has shows great results. More research is showing its efficiency. CCRH has been conducting research in various domains and results are promising. In India Homeopathy is the second largest mode of treatment adopted by people. The acceptance is huge and it will soon be mainstream with the government promoting AYUSH.

EFox Question - What does wellness means to you?

Dr Bhavi Mody - Wellness is all about you. It's about Mind Body and Spirit in continuum with the society that you are a part of. It's Holistic.Its not just about food or exercise or spas. Wellness is something that keeps you Healthy and Happy! Our tagline #StayHealthyStayHappy defines Wellness holistically.

EFox Question - How do you motivate people to make sure they concentrate on their health? What are the health activities you recommend on day to day basis? 

Dr Bhavi Mody - We believe in Health Promotion. We talk of Disease prevention and intervention,but very little emphasis is laid on promotion. We talk about it on our FB group. We hold events like #Letswalk. We have started with our you tube channel called Wellness Talks. I blog on various topics related to health and wellness. We conduct workshops and curate events. I am often called as a speaker at various events to talk about heath. This is how we are trying to create a ripple effect. The health activities that I recommend and we talk of in the group are very doable and simple.

#Lets Walk - Stay active

#LetsBreakfast- Eat Healthy and don't skip breakfast

#LetsSip- Hydrate well

#LetsSleep- sleep for 7-8 hours

#LetsBreathe- deep and mindful breathing

#LetsSmile- Manage stress stay happy

#LetsExpress- talk about your feelings and emotions

EFox Question - Can you tell me more about your patient awareness programs and free medical camps? How one can benefit from the same?

Dr Bhavi Mody - We conducted awareness for thyroid on FB it was called Let's Beat Thyroid. Similarly we ran a campaign for PCOS awareness during PCOS awareness month. We conduct #LetsWalk,a physical walk to promote the importance of staying active. We have conducted a nature walk and beach walk. Our Wellness Meet-Up has a free Bone Mineral Density Test offered to stress on the importance of bone health especially in Women. We have in the past conducted camps for asthma, osteoporosis and general health. If you follow us we are sure to make you #StayHealthyStayHappy.

EFox Question - Lastly what advice you would like to give to fellow entrepreneurs who are just starting? What is your take on Entrepreneurship?

Dr Bhavi Mody - My advice to fellow entrepreneurs is that one needs to have the 4 Ps - Passion,Patience, Persistence and Perseverance to be successful. Rome was not built in a day. Testing times are bound to be there but you need to sail through the rough waters. What keeps you going then is your passion and your team,who believes in your vision. Build a team and stick on to them. Start early and yes have marketing budgets. Having little marketing budget was a grave mistake I made. Entrepreneurship needs a heart of a lion and so if you wish to take that road learn to stay focused and determined and take failure as a stepping stone. Each failure teaches you something so learn from your failure and move on.