#7 Episode - Anvesh Prajapati, CEO of GVM Technologies delivers complex end ML/AI Solutions.

EFox Question - Hi Anvesh, Tell me about your background and how did you end up being an entrepreneur?

Anvesh Prajapati - Thanks for asking this question, I come from lower middle class family where every penny is important for living daily life. I knew from beginning that I have to take several responsibilities at very early stage in life. I started doing my IT and in parallel I was always looking for work, so I did several part time jobs and blogging etc. Once I completed my IT, I got selected in my job interview and did full time job. But after spending some quality time there, I started looking for service based business. Entrepreneurship was always in me. I also knew I was good at programming. therefore I decided to take a call. I decided to quit my job. In September 2012 I founded my company "GVM Technologies". But as you know every entrepreneur face lot of problems so same I faced. In business, in family, in finance everywhere. I was working daily for 18 hours and yeah no Sundays no holidays. In a raw I didn't take any vacation for approx 5 years. That was my life and for those 5 years where I worked hard, that is paying me now. 

EFox Question - Please provide a brief overview of your product/ service.

Anvesh Prajapati - We are in IT development service, we provide web and mobile development, SEO, digital marketing services. We work on eCommerce, ERP, CRM, CMS, Streaming platforms, music, social media, Learning Management System, etc domains. 

EFox Question - What do you think AI,Machine Learning,Data Science will influence the tech industry? How important it is for any software product?

Anvesh Prajapati - Well today's world is all about AI. In our client's products we have already started implementing AI. We are working on chat bots, elastic search, machine learning etc. So yes definitely future and industry is all depended on that. Tech industry will have lot of jobs on AI, data science, ML etc. 

EFox Question - What was your most challenging part of your journey?

Anvesh Prajapati - My most challenging part was finance. I haven't taken a single penny of investment. I started my journey with one laptop and 50K rupees in my bank account. For first 1 month I didn't get any money, I started thinking that I might loss, but then I started picking up. I got my first project and then things started changing in my favour. Today we are growing 30% every year.

EFox Question - What has been your biggest customer success story?

Anvesh Prajapati - Today we are development partner of 4 different companies. These companies are huge and the workflow is continuous. I am glad we are able to retain them past 4 years. Today we are working in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa.

EFox Question - Do you think there is talent crisis for skilled mobile and web developer in India? Have you faced any hiring challenge? What one should keep in mind while hiring any web or app developer?

Anvesh Prajapati - Well my hiring process is different, I start hiring people and then find contracts. As to answer your question, if I say in general terms then yes, we are lacking or we are being behind than other countries' developers. We still have talent in our country but to find correct person, I spend at least 2 to 3 months and then based on my analysis I hire.

When I started my very first 3 engineers were hired based on that only, they are still with me, they are my managers now and still we are together since last 5 years. Work ethics are always important. Yes as being employer we should also consider that employees will leave your company with only 2 reasons; 1 - If they don't get proper salary, 2 - If your environment is not good. 

EFox Question - According to you, what are the 3 qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

Anvesh Prajapati - Hard work, Constant engagement towards work, Always ready to proceed. 

EFox Question - What are plans for next 3 years?

Anvesh Prajapati - My projection for 3 years is that we will open another branch in Ahmadabad as well as we will grow our team by at least 100. Along with that we will also start work on untouched areas. 

EFox Question - What advice would you give to somebody thinking of starting their own business?

Anvesh Prajapati - If you are starting new business then you should keep in mind that there is lot of competition in service or project based industry. Today I am getting contracts just because of my reputation in industry otherwise I would be struggling. So to create impact on industry you should always start with unique things / concept. Otherwise there is high chance of failure. You should do enough market research before even doing anything, by enough market research I mean talk to at least 100 people and see what they are saying about your idea. These 100 people should be from top level business or from good designation or who knows how industry works or find at least someone from your industry.