#3 Episode: Aditya Sisodia (Coach/Trainer) has trained more than 10k+ participants in less than 7 years for MNCs.

Meet Aditya who has trained more than 10,000+ individiuals in the space of personal, professional behaviour training and has already started influencing many. Find out more in an exclusive interview with Mr.Sisodia 1:1 on our 3rd Episode of EFOX

EFox Question - Hello Aditya, first of all,congratulations on the great work which you are doing, can you tell me more about Business Coaching? Why it is important for all entrepreneurs and young founders?

Aditya - Thank you for inviting me to share my experience with the community reader and supporting them with my learning. Coaching is thought-provoking engagement where a coach interacts with a coachee/participants/client to help them uncover and explore their own challenge/concerns and problems. Which is supported by having a accountability structure with smart goals designed to help coachee/client/participants reach their desired outcome through ongoing commitments.A Coach is a person who is certified by ICF i.e. international coaching federation on coaching ethics and core competencies. Coache pledges to stand by those principals to support the client by clearing distinguish between what is coaching and what is not coaching and the difference between coaching and other fields i.e consulting, mentoring, counselling, training etc. Coaching has proven to give measurable results through various articles  are available on www.coachfederation.org which highlights the benefits of hiring a ICF coach.

EFox Question - How did you start your career re-invention? When did you think was the right time?

Aditya - Have being laid off from my corporate job, owing to health concerns, I took the time to discover my focus what we're my talent and what we're my interest, it was a slow and gradual process which took time and consistency, to unlearn, relearn what become my learning mantra. As when I was clueless about the career that when I give myself a timeline to develop myself from grassroot level. Everyday was about asking myself what did I learn today and how do I become a better person.

EFox Question - You have almost trained more than 10,000+ participants in your 7 years journey ,What is your understanding about how to work with different type of people? How do you deal with emotional intelligence?

Aditya - The journey has been a quite a learning for me as I have matured with the process, my conversation have matured along the journey. My methodology has improved as initially I was more into counselling but as I progressed towards coaching I realized that all individuals are unique and each individual require different experts for different challenges be it a counsellor, mentor, therapist etc. If I am unable to support a person through by offering I redirect the person to a better professional who is qualified to support the individual with their concerns.

EFox Question - What industries have you coached?

Aditya - Automobile, R&D, BFSI, HOSPITALITY, SPORTS, ACADEMICS to name a few.

EFox Question - What Entrepreneurs Benefit Most from Strategic Business Coach like you? 

Aditya - Coaching benefits everyone as coaching is about supporting coachee/client with their journey of self-exploration through an ongoing engagement of thought provoking conversation which helps individuals/coachee/client/participants explore their deepest desire. By being present in the moment of a coaching conversation. As coaching conversation as confidential as per the ICF code of ethics, anyone can participate in coaching engagement.

EFox Question - How do you develop yourself and continue to grow? What keeps you motivated and going? How did coaching changed your life?

Aditya - Keep learning and sharing. Only a dead person stops learning. Have role model(s) who inspire you to break your own mental barrier and help you to become a better version of yourself, meet people who you would like to model. With technology it is far more easier to meet and learn about interesting things/people around us. Coaching helped me to become accountable for my actions by being brutally honest with myself. By accepting what I need to do for myself and helping me set smart goals to achieve and reach the next level of personal excellence.

EFox Question - Can You Tell Me How To Best Manage Personal And Professional Life?

Aditya - Personal and professional commitment need to be clearly explored as there are things as an entrepreneur or a business leader that cannot be compromised such as health, family, relationship, team members, daily sales report, budget and we all have 24 hours to manage them, having experts who can support us in this journey is important to look at any successful person they have a coach i.e. accountability partner who support them with their commitment which can financial, health, relationship through regular engagement. It is not necessary to do everything by ourselves asking help doesn't make anyone small or weak. In fact asking for support is the first sign of maturity regardless of whatever we are struggling with.

EFox Question - How a Business Coach can strengthen company's culture? How do you coach and consult a company with no vision at all? What are important the parameters?

Aditya - Coaching is a thought-provoking processing which is based on a concept that client/coachee is responsible, creative and accountable require a coach who can stretch them to reach their potential by an ongoing engagement which ensures that there is accountability and goal setting to measure progress milestone. Commitment/confidence in the process by the participant is important as patience and consistency is the key to measurable results.

EFox Question - Coachsisodia.com - What are plans for next 3 years? Have you initiated any tie-ups?

Aditya - I am operating, as an independent coach and often partner with other partner/organizations as an when project and assignment emerges, my aim to collaborate with brands and taking service portfolio to more audience. A word of mouth is world of mouth. Some more credentials will be in pipeline to ensure quality standard are up to mark for client.

EFox Question - What Would Be Your Best Piece Of Advice To Any Newbie Internet Startup Founder Out There Reading This? 

Aditya - "Invest in a senior i.e. Coach/mentor, whoever is ready to support/challenge/stretch you out of your comfort zone into your learning zone. Based on an industry you are in. Do not hesitate time is limited and learning is huge to explore. "

EFox Question - What mistakes have you made in your business, and what would you have done differently? Do you think you have any regrets?

Aditya - Not investing in a coach at an early stage, from fear of the unknown, price concerns and my own ignorance about the concept and clarity about coaching. Regret is a strong word learning is important I am glad as this entire experience made me more humble to learn.

EFox - Thank you Aditya for wonderful insights about Coaching.

Aditya - Thank You.