#2 Episode: Sayantan Sen, a hubspot certified content marketer helped grew 100+ Businesses though Content Marketing.

Talk with Sayantan Sen, a HubSpot Certified Content Marketer, who helped 100+ businesses take their content marketing next level.

EFox Question - Sayantan, tell us a little bit about your background and how you became involved with content marketing?

Sayantan - Thanks for asking. Well, I started my journey as an HR professional. And during my CAT preparation, I discovered content marketing while browsing the net. I wanted to check how it worked and sent pitches to a few prospects. And whoa, two of them became my clients. Since then I’ve been working as a content marketing specialist. It’s been around 7 years and since then I have worked with many, many clients - wrote thousands of articles, web copies, created communication training modules, handled social media marketing and more. The journey has been so exciting and I feel grateful for having discovered content marketing.

EFox Question - How important is content marketing in today's startup era?

Sayantan -“Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left” - says marketing guru Seth Godin. Content marketing is taking the world by a storm, and now it has become a necessity for most of the startups regardless of what bandwidth they have. Wherever you look and whatever results you want to achieve, irrespective of the metrics you aim for, you need great content and also right marketing so that your content gets wings. Since the start-ups have limited budgets and resources, their best bet is content marketing. As mentioned before, the objective of content marketing is to generate valuable, relevant and consistent content that will eventually drive conversion.

EFox Question - Out of these, which is the one you think drives more traffic. SEO,Paid Ads,Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing? What do you recommend the most?

Sayantan - There’s no stand-alone trick that gets you traffic. You need to understand your business, your target audience, and how to bring them to your website. What works for one business may not work for another. If I were to give a percentage in general, I would say 40% is content marketing, 20% is SEO, 20% is email marketing, and another 20% is social media marketing. However, for a business, be it a startup or an established corporate, it is important to get traffic. Paid ads can help you get the traffic but it is really difficult for a business who has just started or struggling to raise funds. On the other hand, ROI of content marketing is almost 2x than ROI of Paid Ads. For every rupee spent, content marketing generates two times more leads than Paid Ads. And a rich elegant content is good for SEO also. So ideally, we can say that content marketing is cost effective marketing than others.

EFox Question - Can you brief about your product? What services does your startup provide? 

Sayantan - We, at Sen Thoughts Media, offer digital marketing services that include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and also SEO. We have already served more than 100+ clients during our 7 years tenure.

EFox Question - What are the subjects that you mainly write on?

Sayantan - Our favorite niche is marketing. We also love writing about business, productivity, and career. And depending upon our client requirement, we make sure we produce some outstanding content that drives results.

EFox Question - Being in this industry for quite some time, what skills it takes to be a successful content marketer?

Sayantan - You don’t need to be a writer to start as a content marketer. All you need is a desire to learn. Once you have that, you will build the skills that you need to succeed as a content marketer. If I were to start now, along with a willingness to learn, I would start with writing, graphic designing (a little), and marketing (a lot). The other important thing is to listen to what client have to say. If we understand our client’s vision, we can write on any topic and market it.

EFox Question - What are the pitfalls to watch for?

Sayantan - There are always going to be pitfalls, so lets check the main ones

            1.    Time :: Creating content requires lot of time, persistence, research and patience to actually bring out the best effective marketing strategy. Content Marketing is a long term strategy. Your company needs to produce content for few months to really see the results. And you just cannot expect people to jump and view your content, you need to continuously working on different ways to promote and market this content on various platforms.   

            2. Quality :: Quality is a key factor in producing conversion driven content. Your content marketing will fail drastically if the quality is compromised. And at times this may even lead to negative results in the SEO.

EFox Question - What are some good tools you use for Content Marketing? What is your proofreading process?

Sayantan - I mainly use four tools every day - Grammarly (for grammar and proofreading), Hootsuite (for social media marketing), Pocket (for reading thousands of articles in one place), and Canva (for designing).

EFox Question - Have you used chatbot marketing?

Sayantan - Yes. If anyone wants to use chatbot marketing, I recommend Drift. Its just Outstanding.

EFox Question - What advice would you give to anyone who is starting their career as content writing/marketing?

Sayantan - Just start. There’s a huge opportunity in the market. Start a blog. Post there every day. And pitch to prospects and see how the market is. Once you have an understanding of the market, you would figure out how to tread the path. Everyone is different. Just showcase your strength (it can be writing/designing). And keep learning as you grow.

EFox Question - Which blogs do you read? Tell me about the best book you have read recently?

Sayantan - I love reading HubSpot, CopyBlogger, and The Content Marketing Institute. I have been reading “The Art of the Good Life” by Rolf Dobelli now. It’s an excellent book on living a good life.


EFox Question - Thanks Sayantan for Wonderful Insights about Content Marketing, Final Thoughts?

Sayantan - If you are small business or startup, then content marketing is the most important growth channel. It is the most inexpensive mode of marketing and the results are outstanding if done as per digital strategy. You can reach me personally on seachangemonk@gmail.com