#11 Episode : Nitin Bajaj talks about how AI is shaping the B2B sales market with EasyLeadz

About EasyLeadz : A software Bot which works like your inside sales assistant. It can research companies for you, find who is the right person within that company to reach out to and then perform tasks like finding their email, sending them a sequence of email, engaging them over LinkedIn or adding them to a list for future use. It saves our customers up-to 70% of manual work so that they can spend time on tasks that matter more - talking to customers.While researching companies it tracks recent activities like funding, active hiring by those companies in order to optimize the response rate, thus making outbound less cold and more human and done at the right time. 

EFox Question - Tell me about your background and how did you end up being an entrepreneur?

Nitin Bajaj - I was working as a sales engineer at KUKA Robotics and always wanted to do something in sales. That's when I decided to quit my job and explore the fascinating world of entrepreneurs. I did MBA from IIT Delhi and started exploring problems that I felt and wanted to solve for myself and others. That's how I ended up starting Sponsifyme which later pivoted to become EasyLeadz.

EFox Question - How your product EasyLeadz - EasyBot works? What is the most exciting part about it?

Nitin Bajaj - Its like your sales team member. What you expect out of your ideal sales person is that he/she will look for new opportunities and generate sales for your company. Similar way, EasyBot can find new companies relevant to your business and then find who is the right decision maker in that company and then start reaching out to them over email. It will even follow up if they don't reply you back. Its like your sales person who never sleeps and keeps finding more opportunities 24/7. The most exciting part about is A) EasyBot is intelligent. It can find out what's happening in companies and use that intelligence to reach out to more relevant companies. For instance, recent funding. B) Its fully automated. You no longer need to do any sales prospecting manually. You can put your sales lead generation on auto pilot and just focus on talking to customers.

EFox Question - What can EasyBot do? How it helps in generating sales for companies?

Nitin Bajaj - EasyBot can literally work like your sales person. It can find leads for your business without any manual work. For entrepreneurs it can be a person who can do product market fit. For mid size business it can be someone who can scale their sales. For enterprises it can be someone who can find more relevant opportunities using intelligence. 

EFox Question - What has been your biggest customer success story? Who are the most important EasyLeadz's clientele? 

Nitin Bajaj - We have many success stories. One of them is Upgrad, they use our product to identify companies who might be interested to employ students who take online courses from Upgrad. Some of the other customers are Avenue Growth (Sales as a service platform), Microsoft, UBER, Amazon India and some of them are in USA and Europe region.

EFox Question - What do you think AI,Machine Learning,Data Science will influence the tech industry? How important it is for any software product?

Nitin Bajaj - Just adding AI to name won't help and just adding it for the sake of it wont help either. AI/ML are tools that can be leverage to solve a problem. If you are not focused on solving a problem then nothing is going to help.Once you have a problem then you can leverage these technologies to see how they can be useful in solving that problem and make it more efficient.These technologies have a big role to play specially in sales industry. For instance using AI we find out which company have raised funding and use that intelligence to identify the next customer for your business.

EFox Question - What mistakes have you made in journey and what would you have done differently?

Nitin Bajaj - I think trying to do too many things at a time is what the biggest mistake to me. I would try to avoid that always. Just focus on one thing and most importantly on your product and try to narrow down to a niche audience who love it instead of an audience who just likes it.

EFox Question - According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success? 

Nitin Bajaj - A) Be a problem solver B) Persistence C) Don't get disheartened if others get success before you do. Everyone has their own time clock.

EFox Question - What are your expansion plans?

Nitin Bajaj - We are going global in next few months. Already started closing deals in US market. Next couple of months are exciting because we started to utilize google organic searches and leverage it for driving insane traffic and users to our product.

EFox Question - Advice for young entrepreneurs?

Nitin Bajaj - Make something people want.