6 Tips to Overcome your Fear of Decision Making

fear of decision making
fear of decision making

Some of us are more indecisive than others, but for those who have fear of decision making, you could be suffering from something which is much deeper than just simple procrastination. When you have something to do, such as a university assignment or deadline to meet, doing other things to try and avoid it is relatively normal for most people. Moreover, if you strongly fear making decisions to to the point where the idea of decision making gives you the anxiety of stress, you might need to think about ways to overcome it.

Go over your values

Every time you have to make a decision, you subconsciously go over your fundamental values. What is a fundamental value? It is a notion such as determination, patience, creativity, persistence, courage, listening or flexibility, curiosity…

Discover your personality type

As you have already noticed that we do not all have the same personality type. Some may be more inclined to take initiative, to be brave and enterprising; some are discreet, reserved, and shy.

Develop the habit of taking decisions

Indeed, taking decisions is a habit. Just like all the things we do, taking decisions is a habit we can start, develop, and even lose. The more you make a habit of taking decisions, moreover small, the easier it will be for you. Moreover, the less you take decisions, the more the slightest choice will seem scary.

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Start by making small decisions

No need to start the habit of taking decisions by wondering whether you should divorce your spouse, quit your job to freelance or even travel across the globe.

If you have real difficulties making decisions generally, start by making a habit of taking small decisions as often as possible.

Define your personal and professional objectives

As per the old saying and myth: “if you don’t know where you are going, that is exactly where you will end up… nowhere!”

It is very tough to say no to a project when you have never taken the time to ask yourself where you wanted to be in the future and what you want to achieve in both of your personal and professional life. And with the latest development of social media networks, solicitations are forever increasing, and keeping a cool head in all the chaos is extremely difficult. Moreover, if you know what you want to achieve in your professional as well as private life, all you need to do is contemplate the choice that needs to be made and ask yourself which option will bring you much and higher closer to your objectives.

Listen to your intuition

Lastly, and this is certainly most essential; knowing how to make decisions is first and foremost developing your intuition. Being an intuitive is just like being able to listen to the small inner voice telling if the choice is right or not. We all have inner intuition, the trouble is most people ignore its message or refuse to listen to it. Take some of the valuable time to observe how you feel when contemplating the choice you have to make. Do you feel much better with the perspective of saying yes or saying no?

Most of the people, who are very successful in business or in sport, often say that they simply follow their intuition…

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Closure – How to overcome Fear of Decision Making

Decision making in today’s world does not have to be as anxiety-provoking as you think, once you break it down into easy steps by breathing and grounding yourself, validating the different parts of you that are in conflict, being curious, by making a choice, and being kind to yourself. Next decision you have to make, try this method out and let us how it helps you!

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