8 Worst Side Effects of Stress on your Body


With the topic of this blog, one thing is already clear! Stress is not just limited to brain activities but also pitch in physical effects equally. Not just can’t concentrate on one thing at a time but also feel the change in the pulse rate, body pain, breathing pace, and much more. Yes, there are a number of physical effects of stress on your body that must be kept in check for a healthier you.

Moreover, stress is a natural part of human life that could be experienced by a person due to day-to-day responsibilities like work, alienated members, or working on war-torn grounds. It even helps in coping up with some of the difficult situations as the human body releases hormones which change the heart rate and breathing speed as a response.

So, how stress affects the body!

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Stress has the entire capacity to trigger and intensify the tension that causes prolonged headaches. Stress can even sometimes wear you down emotionally and cause headaches along with depression.


When at any point of time someone is stressed, then they may feel like not able to sleep properly or stay awake all night. It makes the body feel lethargic and lacking energy as well. As sleep is directed related to mental health, one can even learn about sleep restriction therapy for better results.

Heartburn & Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Stress can even lead to the production of stomach acid at a greater scale that can cause heartburn and even worsening conditions. Thus, if stress remains intact for a long time, then it may even cause damage to arteries, ultimately leading to a heart attack.

Rapid Breathing

Due to any reason, the stress within you can cause tension and may even leave you breathless or short of breath for some time. If you are going through emphysema or asthma, then stress makes it much harder for you to breathe. Blood pressure is another thing that comes into the picture, leading to chances of stroke.

Weak Immune System

One may become immune to a number of infections as an effect of stress on the body. When subjected to long-term stress, the defense mechanism of the body reduces, and the body becomes susceptible to illnesses like flu viruses and the common cold.

Risk Of Blood Sugar

Another effect of anxiety and stress on the body includes the liver releasing extra sugar or glucose into the bloodstream. However, this sugar energy to the person but its surge may increase the chances of Type-2 diabetes in the body.

Fertility Problems

Both the men and women, physical side effects of stress prevail in both and may even lead to problems in conceiving. Apart from this, fatigue becomes the reason for low sex drive and may even take a toll on the libido. Men can face erectile dysfunction as stress and thoughts interfere in the process. At the same point of time, women can go through fluctuating hormones, which could miss the menstrual cycles or even stop them altogether in severe cases.

Tensed Muscles

Stress affects your body in another way too. Your muscles may feel tenses and thus could be associated with headaches and backaches that drain you towards potential serious situations.

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