3 Helpful Mindfulness Techniques for Stress & Anger

mindfulness techniques for stress
mindfulness techniques for stress

We have probably heard the term “Just Breathe” a million times, and to be honest; the techniques hold great capabilities to keep ourselves more centered and calm. Also, there are various Mindfulness Techniques for stress & anger. But have you ever wondered how it helps?

Moreover, practicing deep breathing helps to sends oxygen to our brain, helps in soothing the amygdala. Deep breathing can also help tremendously, but the major challenge is to remember doing it frequently. That is why it is too much helpful to know some “mindful breathing exercises” that are not only just simple and easy to do but can make a world of difference in your mood. So try and give them a shot.

What Is Mindful Breathing?

It is a way to build resilience to stress, anger and anxiety. Since all these reactions can help to impair not only our health but also our judgment and skills of attention. There are various researchers and practitioners who suggest that practicing “Mindfulness” is an effective and efficient way to deal with such difficult feelings.

Achieving Mindfulness is basically the ability to pay complete attention to what you are thinking, your feelings, and sensing in the present moment without being judgemental.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Breathing Exercises!

Well, countless researchers and studies have shown that practicing mindful breathing exercises contributes to better health, improvement in anger management, and lowering down anxiety. Apart from that, practicing mindfulness can help in achieving tremendous benefits:

  • Lower your heart rate.
  • Lower your Blood Pressure.
  • Improve sleep
  • Alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.
  • Improve diabetic symptoms.
  • Reduce depression

How Mindfulness Breathing Exercise Works?

Achieving mindfulness actually helps people distance themselves from their thoughts and feeling, which in turn help to comfort them, and gives them the ability to tolerate and work through unpleasant times. Mindful breathing can be practiced anywhere while sitting, standing, or maybe when you are getting annoyed in traffic. You certainly do not just have to sit on a comfy cushion to practice. Just like the traditional approaches in psychotherapy, mindfulness takes a rather simple path to help you deal with anxiety, anger, stress, and other mental health issues.

So, the next time when you get overwhelmed by mixed feelings or emotions, stressed over things, or even holding anger, practice some of the mindfulness breathing exercises to get distracted.

Some of the Mindfulness Techniques

There are ways to practice mindfulness, with the ultimate goal to achieve a state of alert and focused relaxation without paying attention to thoughts and other sensations.

1. Body Sensations

Make sure that you try to observe body sensations, maybe an itch or tingling. Don’t just simply react to any feeling and simply let them pass. Just make sure to concentrate on each part of your body right from head to toe.

2. Sensory

Focus more and notice the sound, sight, smell, taste, and touches. Just keep on focusing on all these five sensory and without judgment, let them pass.

3. Emotions

Accept the presence of emotions, name them in the following categories – Anger, Frustration, Joy, etc. and without making a judgment, whether they are bad or good, and let them pass.

Well, listed above all these mindfulness techniques are just a form of meditation. The positive benefits associated with the mindfulness breathing exercises are nearly infinite.

Closure – Mindfulness Techniques for Stress & Anger

Practice mindful breathing exercise is just like building up your muscles to focus and live in the present. The more you practice mindfulness breathing exercises, the more you will find it easier to remain in the ‘here and how’!

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