5 Best Mantras for Anger Management

mantras for anger management
mantras for anger management

We all are struggling in our day-to-day life, either with anger or stress. By implementing the mantras for anger management you can easily improve the quality of life. Some people used to choose to stay quiet, some people speak with words which they should not due to anger. Abrupt anger is full of regret and we should all learn to manage with the anger. It doesn’t matter if you are either a silent person or a screamer, anger management is really crucial.

So, here are the 5 mantras for anger management:

“I can do this and this will pass”

Repeat “this shall pass, and I can do this” whenever anger knocks on your door quickly. Close your eyes and repeat this mantra till the time and unless calmness touches your soul. Whenever your anger comes, distracting the mind from the person or the place is the best efficient and effective thing to do. And for the distraction, recite this mantra.

“I inhale the positivity and exhale out the negativity.”

“I inhale the positivity and exhale out the negativity” is one of the best mantras for anger management for most people whenever they feel anger and resentment. Make sure that you do not only recite the mantra, even follow this. Breathe in &  hold your breath and think about any positivity which brings a smile to your face. Whenever you breathe out, just keep in mind and make sure that your thoughts are replaced from the negative to the positive. Breathe in and breathe out is one of the good things to do whenever you are anxious, stressed, or depressed. It is an all-in-one mantra package.

“It is what it is!”

There are usually two types of situations, one which is controllable and another one which is uncontrollable. The suggestion is to identify the situation and then act accordingly. Work on what is controllable. And leave the uncontrollable situations on their own. Make sure to recite “it is what it is” to remind yourself, such a situation is not within your control, and you cannot do anything about it. Acceptance usually comes from within, accepting the unexpected and moving on. Life is too short to be angry about the things that are not in our situation.

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“The calmness of my body and mind cannot be interrupted”

Once you study and acquire the art of detachment, the other thing to learn is to not get distracted from any kind of negative energy. Teach yourself that no one can ruin your peace and calm, even if they try hard to do so. Whenever you experience such instances, try to repeat “no energy can disturb the peacefulness of my body and mind” and then see the magic of how instantly all the stress and anxiety go away easily!

“Let it go, let it go!”

Have you watched “Frozen” movie? The movie has one of the best motivational songs; let it go, let it go with some of the powerful lyrics sung by Idina Menzel. The lyrics of the song are really inspirational and motivational, and most of the people used to get the inspiration of this mantra by this song only. Repeat, let it so, let it go until and unless you start feeling better again.

Closure – Mantras for Anger Management

Just try out these mantras for anger management and manage your anger in minutes.

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