8 Tips to Manage Your Anger Better

manage your anger
manage your anger

Do you get angry too often? Is it hard for you to manage your anger? The chances are that this can have an adverse effect on your health and wellness. Anger is often related to a weakened immune system, high-stress levels, and increased chances of heart stroke. The good news, though, is that by controlling anger, you can say goodbye to these health risks and improve relationships around you. Anger is an emotion that we think is not in our control, but with these simple tips, you can manage your anger better.

Recognize Your Trigger Signs

Different people have a wide range of reacting to a situation that triggers anger. Some people may experience increased sweating, heartbeats, a tight chest, clenched jaw, and a flash of bad memories as triggers. When you recognize trigger signs before you lash out, it will help you to control and think about your anger in advance.

Pause Before You React

Anger is an emotion or a sense of feeling that is often rushed given the situation. When you find yourself in such a difficult spot, then you should ask yourself whether your anger is reasonable. This not only helps to settles the disruptive emotion but will also going to help you to manage your anger and the situation better. Practicing this consciously will help to improve your communication skills with people who matter.

Walk Away

Sometimes it is too hard to try and control your anger in a heated environment.  So just walking away can help you to clear out your headspace and think reasonably, even though it may be hard to do. Once you are no longer a part of the environment, your brain tricks you into thinking more clearly to arrive at the solution. Tell people calmly that you need some more time out and go for a long walk.

Talk to a Friend

It is essential to express your anger and not let it built inside you. If you have a friend with whom you can confide, then you should take the opportunity and express what you are feeling. While doing so, make sure you are coming to a solution rather than just venting away.

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Maintain a Journal

If you feel that talking to someone or venting out your anger just looks to make it worse, then try writing down your feeling. Writing down feelings is proven to be very helpful, especially when you are not able to explain or express feelings. Maintaining a journal and writing down your anger will make you feel better and also help you to figure out trigger points and how to manage your anger better.

Sweat it Out

One of the best ways to put the rush of energy that comes with the anger is by working out. Exercise not only helps to burns those extra calories but is one of the most effective and efficient ways to channelize your anger. When anger is left untreated, it can get even worse. You would not have the time or the energy to engage in or invest in anger post-workout.

Channelize it Creatively

It is said that anger is one of the most creative forms of emotion, and if channelized properly, you could even feel more relaxed and less angry. Take up your favorite hobby, no matter whether it is drawing, poetry, cooking, gardening, baking, etc. Set aside some me-time for these activities and see a change in how you can manage your anger better.

Use Humour

There is a primary reason why they say laughter is the best medicine. Using humor can help to lighten up any situation and helps you to face what is making you angry. Sarcasm, on the other hand, is another form of anger, so try avoiding it as it may hurt other people’s feelings too.

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