5 Tips to Build a Healthy Self Esteem

self esteem
self esteem

We always usually used to hear from various people about how they would like to deal with their low self esteem. But one of the best ways is that to deal with low self esteem is to figure out how to build high self esteem.

If at any point of time, you think of yourself as someone with low self esteem, which in itself makes it difficult to climb out of. Moreover, but if at any point of time, if you frame the issue in terms of your capacity for building high self esteem, then you automatically put yourself in a top growth mindset and grow your odds of actually improving your sense of self.

So, here are the 5 Tips to Build a Healthy Self Esteem

Make Time to Clarify Your Values

High self-esteem comes from living your own set of life in a way that aligns with your own set of core values. On the other hand, if at any point of time, you compromise on your values in the way you think and acts, then you are setting yourself up for low self-esteem, low confidence, and poor self-worth.

Shift Your Focus from Outcomes to Growth

Usually, people having high self-esteem are process oriented. This means that even though they may have a verify a specific set of goals and outcomes that they would like to achieve, they don’t even like to spend much energy and time thinking and listening about them. Furthermore, they keep their focus squarely on the process of growth – small things which they need to do on a day-to-day basis that keeps them moving in the right direction.

For instance, successful entrepreneurs may have a goal of building a billion-dollar business, but they usually don’t waste a lot of attention and time imagining what it will be like to hit the billion-dollar mark.

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Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Self-talk is what it sounds like; it is how we talk to ourselves in our heads. And how we habitually used to talk to ourselves has a profound effect on how we habitually feel, which includes our own set of self-esteem.

Cultivate a Habit of Gratitude

This one is a little unusual, but a consistent pattern that has most of the people noticed over years of working as a therapist, as the people who are constantly acknowledged and express their gratitude look to have fairly high self-esteem.

But it is more than simply expressing their appreciation from time to time; these people always look to be consistent and even highly specifically; they have lots of small habits and routines of highly popular gratitude so that being grateful is just a part of their lives.

Manage Your Expectations Effectively

Having your expectations violated is a setup for disappointment, frustration and other strong emotional reactions. And unless your skill based and emotion management skills are top-notch, being inundated with strong negative emotion on a day-to-day basis makes it easy to fall into the self-esteem crushing bad habits like non-assertive, avoidance, self-judgment, isolation or avoidance.

Furthermore, on the other hand, one of the best and most often ignored ways to reverse the process above and achieve high self-esteem is to manage your expectations better. When we have much fewer and highly realistic expectations, then we can simply avoid a lot of painful emotional experiences in the first place and all the self-esteem crushers that tend to go with it.

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