4 Factors that cause Anger during Pregnancy & 4 Ways How to Control It

anger during pregnancy
anger during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in each and every woman’s life. Various emotions like stress and anger during pregnancy are common during pregnancy. A woman may be vulnerable to feelings of anger, stress, anxiety and irritation during the time of being pregnant can invoke the thrill and joy of having a baby. Though it is perfectly normal to feel frustrated and angry during pregnancy, continued anger may have a certain type of repercussions. The mother-baby bonding is such that the baby gets to feel all that its mother experiences, which includes anger.

Factors That May Cause Anger during Pregnancy

Certain factors that may cause anger during pregnancy are:

Hormonal Changes

Anger during pregnancy can lead to fluctuating pregnancy hormones.At this time, the hormonal changes may trigger regular mood swings, strong, ultra sensitivity and intense feelings. Moreover, the anger surges can be traced to something upsetting that may have occurred earlier.


It is common to feel slightly stressed or anger during pregnancy. This may happen due to various reasons like the lack of sleep, physical discomfort, unsupportive partner, financial worries, inadequate rest, job-related stress or overload of work. Constant stress can affect one anger managing capabilities and may even lead to angry outbursts.

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One of the major causes for anger during pregnancy can be the fear of the unknown or the future. Pregnant women may have some concerns about their pregnancy progressing labor pains, smoothly illness, or the health of the unborn baby. These fears may looks like to be quite overwhelming, and anger may become a possible reaction to them.


During this phase, a certain amount of discomfort is inevitable at the time of pregnancy owing to the physical transitions that can take place. Pregnant women most of the time used to experience nausea, sickness, and fatigue, among other things; discomfort may even lead to irritability or intense emotions like anger at unexpected times, especially if the reasons for the discomfort are not dealt with suitably.

Tips to Deal with Anger

No one knew you better than yourself so that you can take appropriate steps to relax and manage your anger. Here are some of the few ways to manage your anger during pregnancy:

Follow a Healthy Diet

At the time of pregnancy, care should be taken to eat healthy and nutritious meals. A balanced diet with lots of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and green leafy vegetables will help you to maintain the energy levels and combat tiredness and fatigue, which will help to improve your mind and mood.

Exercise Regularly

Maintain an active routine at the time of pregnancy by indulging in light exercise or regular walks. Staying active and fit at the time of pregnancy may take care of mood swings and anger by release insulin, which keeps you in a happy and positive state of mind.

Indulge in Your Favourite Activities

It is beneficial for pregnant women to indulge in the hobbies which they love to enjoy – going out for movies, gardening, listening to music, relaxing or spending time with the family or friends, or painting. These activities can help to relieve the stress and divert one attention to more productive and entertaining things.

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To deal with anger and stress, pregnant women may take up meditation or yoga. It is highly advisable to learn deep breathing exercises that will help in releasing tension and calming itself.

Get Massages

Gentle massages can help pregnant women relax, both mentally and physically. Pampering oneself with spa treatments can also help to ease up aching muscles aside from calming the mind.

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