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We’re building India's best Live Learning Upskilling Platform for Entrepreneurs and MSMEs which is completely masterclass hands-on and experience based learning.

Our vision is to unite with Top Entrepreneurs along with Industry top product leaders and deliver high quality masterclass which is reflection of their own expereinces. We believe this is the best way to empower more entrepreneurs in the country. We are already in the space of Leadership, Digital marketing, Startup Scaling, Product Development, Programming and Career Guidance.

Our Journey So Far

Today 25M+ students in India have aspirations, dreams and urge to do something on their own. Be it side hustle or starting a new venture. Unfortunately not all of the students get right guidance about entrepreneurial journey, career paths and upskilling on what it takes to really build a startup.

During our MVP phase, we conducted 10 bootcamps (2 Live events attended by 150+ attendees) in the year 2020-21 and understood that there is certainly a product market fit for making business practical skills accessible to young entrepreneurs.

We designed curated masterclass sitting with experts and launched Entrepreneur Fox with a mission to become India's Top Live Learning Platform For Entrepreneurs.

We are now inviting all real industry experts and entrepreneurs who have been there and can give direction to students on our platform via Live content & 1:1 sessions.

Our mission is to empower 10M entrepreneurs in India by providing them with access to business experts, mentors and required skills.

Our Core Team

Raj Kothari


Ritesh Kothari

First Investor

Hemal Kothari

First Investor

Shobhit Khandelwal


Swapnil Desai


Abhikhya S